Commenting on Justin Miller’s letter, it is true that the religion
of Islam presents an invading force worldwide. However, there are
militant fundamental extremists in all faiths. How else would one
expect a society that abuses most of its males and the majority of its
females? By this of course, I mean circumcision. No matter how one
slices it, circumcision is sexual mutilation and molestation.
Childhood trauma, whether sexual or not, tends to manifest itself as
belligerence in later years. Western civilization is just beginning
to get past its history of child abuse and neglect.

Most cultures are rich and deep with history, and people of any
faith, if given the peaceful idyllic childhood that most desire for
their children, will raise a peaceful non-invasive people. We must
face the facts of what all religions really are, what their
fundamental teachings are. People of all faiths idealize the origins
of their religion. They like to point out all the good, and disregard
the bad, often saying things were different back then or that some
evils were overlooked by the gods, etc.. Believe in a god if you must,
but at least make sure that your god has the purity of spirit to act
morally in all his dealings with men.

However, the fact remains that if an action is moral in one case, it
is moral in all. If it’s immoral in one instance, then it is immoral
in all. Thus rape, theft, murder, slavery, abuse and lies are all
immoral in every case. It does not matter who commands or permits it.
We have no right to wage war against any people. It doesn’t matter
how badly they treat themselves, their women, their children, or their
neighbors. The spilling of blood only leads to further spilling of
blood, and there is no way to be sure that only guilty blood is

There is a better way, of course. We can show the world the way of
peace. The American people have lead the world in many things whether
it be science and technology or ideas of freedom and justice. Let us
shine the light of freedom and love to all and lead mankind into the
future we desire.