In a recent letter, it was stated that the Tea Party is racist; however, as a group phenomenon, it is no more racist than most other groups of people. Of the first three people I became acquainted with in the Tea Party, one was white and male, one was white and female, and the third was black and male. I’d love to have them all as neighbors.

The Tea Party is quite troubled with the loss of liberties in this nation. They are. working within this system to remake a limited government. I commend them for their efforts; however, this system is corrupt and the genie of big government will never go back into the Bottle of Rights . The genie wasn’t released during the Civil war or the World Wars, neither was it released at the creation of the Federal Reserve. This mighty beast of an oppressive government was created by the Constitution of the U.S. The states loosely united under the Articles of Confederation were even more limited but the result would have been ultimately the same. To paraphrase Ayn Rand, the most limited government is the governing of the individual , or rather the self-governed individual.

Men and women, if treated fairly growing up, will treat each other fairly, working out most issues between themselves. and there would be very little, if any crime. People really concerned with crime should not concern themselves with the petty thieves and should be more worried about the biggest criminals that force us by threat of imprisonment to give them over half of our livelihood. Once the big guns fade away due to attrition, the little guns will disappear as well. This will ultimately bring us the a peaceful, free and stateless society.