As the recent letter by Mark Petrey has made clear, We the People are being legislated out of freedoms by the left and right. This is deniable only by those living in their own self-created fantasies, or the parasites feeding of the backs of their fellow man.

These rights are “protected” by the government and the Constitution. This protection of rights comes to be viewed more as the protection of privileges, which the state will ultimately deem unworthy and discard. It is the nature of the state to murder and steal the livelihood of its citizens. ¬†Because of this nature, the state is also an unreformable beast. One can’t infiltrate a corrupt organization and turn it against its core principles, whether it be big or small. Try to change a street gang from within away from the violence it feeds off of, and it will feed off your corpse. How much more true is it of the world’s biggest and most violent street gang, the state?

So what are the lovers of freedom to do? To be certain, these are violent times, so the people must be able to protect themselves if it knocks at or down their doors. Bloodshed, however, will NOT bring freedom. Violence and abuse beget more abuse and violence whether or not ANY authority figure declares it to be moral.

Controlling violence by removal of means, say outlawing firearms has no more effect than giving a cancer patient aspirin to cure his disease. Studies have repeatedly shown that most abuses are caused by the abuses of the previous generation. If we truly want freedom, if we truly want peace, respect, and love, then we MUST raise our children with the peace, respect and love we want from others. We MUST raise our children without the abuse and violence we were raised with.

In order for this to work, we must stop showing our children that might makes right by the violence of spanking. We must respect their opinions by not talking over them or even worse the abuse of yelling at them. We must love our children as full fledged members of the human race, not like inferior persons that aren’t whole. The demand of love and respect earns nought but an ever growing, seething resentment. If, however we show them love and respect, they will mirror that behavior back to us, and then shine it out onto the world.