We have scattered the velvet ashes of untold campfires
that crackle with spiteful crashes of white water on jagged rocks
and comfort the gentle weeping of hushed water in forgiving pools.
Whether we dance around spicy cedar tongues of delight
to cast glittering ephemeral comets into the black hole of night,
Or we sleep together by embers that simmer grey and grow cold
to dream flickering visions of foot trails forever upstream,
The eternal canyon walls painted with crimson streaks continue
to echo timeless reverberations of vagabond love.

]Over at dVerse, we are posting about the unexpected. This poem, I wrote long ago during a long distance relationship. There was a lot of writing and poetry. I bought a greeting card, and not liking the words, I wrote this. She had enjoyed previous writings, but this one surprised her by the quality of it. [