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One of the many things I remember from my days of faith is from Luke 16:10. Those who are faithful with little can be trusted with much, and those not faithful in little things can not be trusted with anything. This moral precept holds true for all, whether as a the lowly gas station attendant who puts the “Give a Penny” change into his pocket or the mightiest handlers of money and people.

Obama, for example, voted against a bill that would allow the use of handguns in home defense, despite local ordinances. People have the natural right to protect themselves regardless of what the law says. The Fourth Amendment states that the people have the right to be secure in their persons and their homes, and this is impossible if the right of the people to keep and bear arms has been infringed upon. Obama’s non-concern with the safety of the “little people” makes him unworthy of running a country.

Mitch Daniels, upon the Indiana Supreme Court’s ruling that it is illegal to prevent the lawful AND unlawful entry of one’s home by law enforcement, should have stepped up to the plate and worked for the freedom of those who elected him. Once again, a politician unwilling to protect the security of his constituents is unworthy of being the governor of a state.

Alan Greenspan once believed in the basics of a free market economy and the problems with fiat currency. He knew the benefits of using commodities, such as gold and silver, as the anchor of a strong economy. Instead of restrengthening our currency, he strove to water it down to the point that it is barely good for flushing. Disregarding the value of the common man, his is unworthy to have held the financial reins of this country, though I suppose, it does make him worthy of being knighted by the Queen.

Years ago,  a man concerned with our unbacked currency, Bernard von Nothaus, came up with a new alternative “currency” called the Liberty Dollar. Everything he did with it was upfront and non-fraudulent. It was a means of exchange, composed of either silver or gold, that was just as valid as a bag of marbles or the Hour (a local alternative currency in Ithica, NY). After Eleven years of use by thousands of people, his offices in Evansville were looted by the FBI pirates. Here, we had a man who was HONESTLY trying to improve the life of every American, and he took the fall for it. Mitch Daniels and Alan Greenspan did nothing. Neither did Obama pardon him for his courageousness when he was sentenced last year. As they say, “By their fruit you shall know them.”

There is another man who advocates a return to the gold and silver standard. Ron Paul, who is running for president, talks the talk. However, once again we know them by their fruits. When given the opportunity to give his approval to the Liberty Dollar, Ron Paul backed down and failed the American people. When Nothaus went to trial, Paul declined to testify on behalf of the financial freedom of all. He talks big, but it seems he prefers to tuck tail in deference to the ruling families of America. He is as unworthy of the office as are the other men.

Many people have their hopes set on this man. The problem is that even if he takes the office and begins to walk the walk, these aren’t the days of Andrew Jackson, who solved the debt problem. Kennedy tried to fix the problem four decades ago and personally felt the result of his solution.

The answer to the coming collapse of the dollar isn’t more government. Neither is it a smaller government, for even the Continental Dollar failed when our government was at its most limited. The answer lies in us. Do we cherish liberty enough to act, or would we rather quietly bleat while being sheared and butchered after the government can’t afford to send us another “sit on the couch” check payable by our great great grandchildren?