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   This is the first of hopefully many posts showing things that have contributed to my belief that some sort of anarchy is the best societal structure for man.
  I didn’t experience much in the way of racism growing up.  Yes,  I heard about it,  but never really started to experience anything with it until my college years, beginning with my freshman year in the International House.  The other non-international there that year was a fellow who a few times made some comments about his housemates. There were also some flyers up twice that made fun of the Jewish and Arabic peoples through mocking their faith.
  The first I encountered racism face to face was on a trip to Portland, Maine.  I had gotten off the bus late at night, and had to continue my journey in the morning.   There was an African there who waited for his ride.  Being March,  he wasn’t dressed anything near warm enough; so, he left with one of my sweaters.   The next morning,  there was a crotchety old man with a cane, who went on and on about the evil Puerto Ricans who had invaded New York. He shook his cane a number of times in agitation; I couldn’t help but think my friend from the previous evening would have seen the mean end of his cane.
  Years later,  somehow,  I believed that it was wrong for all the Mexicans to be coming over the border.  It must have osmotic societal pressure.  I read an email once where some guy accused many of hypocrisy for claiming to love freedom,  yet were so eager to deny it to our neighbors south.
It hit close to home and caused an immediate change in thinking.  Every man has a right to live and has the right to live the best life that he can. Location doesn’t matter if he feels he has a better chance elsewhere or being oppressed where he lives.
  I have no right to judge on what is best for another.  That is what freedom and independence is all about. Imaginary lines on the sand or on historical documents should not keep men from life, liberty,  or happiness.
Many Mexicans have actually returned to Mexico willingly as they have seen their opportunity was better back home.  Funny how some of them see the American Illusion for what it is, while those who have lived here so long are in denial of the coming collapse and future oppression.