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  There is nothing like an election year for the people to feel empowered while they are being corralled into the voting pens.  Sure, the faces are different.  Some of the issues have changed.
  This makes little difference in how the world sees the United States. It remains the bulldog of the world,  backing all the little countries back into their little corners as they are fed by the most swelled up bankrupt country in the world.
  Does it really matter who sits on the crown jewels? Whether it is Romney, Gingrich, Paul, Obama,  or the has-been Shirley MacClaine from Arkansas,  it doesn’t make a difference.  The U.S. will impose more upon its citizens and the world at large until the vacuumous debt implodes, the world economy collapses, and the rulers of the earth remake everything.
  The rulers don’t have to be. We the people can actually rule ourselves if we but step up to moral responsibility.
  This empire loves to splash around in its new ‘leaders ‘ like a set of clothes.   However,  the empire’s new clothes don’t really exist, and the nakedness of empire will soon be its shame.
  One of the best ways of not participating in the pretense is to not vote.   The con continues only as long as the crowd is willing to go along.  Don’t even vote “None of the above” as that is only prolonging the collective hallucination that we are free.