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A knock on wood is but the courtesy
When police whims suffice to cast their sights
To enter homes with all impunity
Of violated men’s defensive rights.

How can a man defend his family
When evil deeds are done by threat of gun?
Can courts correct the atrocity
When splintered lives have seen their settled son?

As daily stresses do tend to overwhelm
Until the common man is broken down
It helps to have a beneficial realm
Of solace from the seizings of the crown.

But naught can make enforcement’s face go slack
As when their prey do ease the trigger back.

In Indiana, a year ago, their Supreme Court ruled that people did not have the right to resist unlawful entry of law enforcement into their home.  Since that time, legislation to fix that ruling have been made,  but the original ruling shows how little the courts think of the common man.