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Is this Freedom?

With the signing of the “No Child Left Behind Act” by Bush in 2001, what should have been obvious to most Americans should have become painfully obvious to all. The fact is, the U.S. has had its sights on the indoctrination of its children, and now it begins to completely dumbing down the students of America.

What does “No Child Left Behind” really mean? It means that “No Child Gets Ahead” so that all students are dumbed down to the same level as the lowest common denominator.

This is the method that inevitably makes sure that the above average kids become bored with school, leading to behavior problems, and potentially, knocking them out of the education system entirely. The slower minds that are left continue to chew the cud of the state to numbness of mind.

Some of the greatest minds of the world never had a public education. They were, Fraud Forbid, self-taught. Great people like Frank Lloyd Wright, Alexander Bell, Thomas Edison, Samuel Clemens, Albert Einstein, Edgar Allen Poe, Steve Jobs, the Wright Brothers, and Patrick Henry. If they didn’t learn it all on their own, they had been given the basics of education, and then their bright minds forged on ahead.

Today’s graduates can barely think critically. They know little of this country’s history, or of the world around them. What they do know, they’ve been told, er indoctrinated. The level of education these days mean little as well. Teachers would much rather pass a student than hold him behind. Thus, we have ball players who can’t read at all. Even in college, it is possible for students to just squeeze through the railings of a poor education, and are welcomed out into a world where a magic piece of paper, i.e. diploma, are more worthy of hiring because they have “paid” for their education.

I hate to say it, but more time in the sewer doesn’t make one a better plumber. It is the individuals who have somehow retained the desire of learning that learn, and then excel.

Education has come to be one of those things most people can’t imagine existing without the state. Hmm . . . Let’s see, who would there be to teach the children if the state was out of the picture? Well, three equally viable alternatives come to mind.

The first, which we’ve already dealt with, is the self-educated. This is the mind on fire. These students, who tend to be very well rounded in many disciplines, having fought for every shred of knowledge, value their minds as their most important asset. They won’t accept anyone’s opinion of anything, and will search for the answers for themselves. They are the most independent thinkers and great things are generally to be expected of them.

Another alternative in its simplest form is the idealized one-room schoolhouse. The teachers were paid by their student’s parents, or even possibly by their students. Private schools have much to offer those students who are willing to learn. The creme de la creme would be the Montessori schools which endeavor not to teach the children, but to cultivate a love of learning and experience, which then naturally leads to an accelerated education.

The third alternative is to bring education home. Parents were ultimately responsible for their children’s education. In decades past, this was much easier than it is today. Today, it is difficult for two parents to make ends meet, let alone one, saving the other for education and such. This option is bound to become more and more difficult as the life of the state nears its end.

Some would still complain, “Who will teach the poor children?” Well, one of the things that society does to the extremely poor, is actually make it impossible for the children to go to school by requiring certain things, like vaccinations and residency. For those children who actually breach the walls of indoctrination, isn’t it obvious that these children aren’t being educated at all, but are being babysat to the tune of millions of dollars? For the children in the public education system, isn’t it obvious that it is nothing but a training ground for absolute submission to the state?