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When johns with shriveled egos come to find
That paid relationships oft further bring
Despair and lonely apathy to mind,
The pricks of love administer their sting.
These women bear their broken souls of flesh,
Pretending pleasures — little recompense
For fractured younger lives, filleted, unfresh,
Unloved, unborn, the copied crimes immense!
Yet, can these crimes of passionate abuse
Be legalized by politicians’ lust?
Do dollars gained by taxes most obtuse
Suffice to sanction man’s denuded thrust?
When laws intend a rape to sanctify,
The misplaced love of evils multiply.

In a recent study, it was noted that 81% of prostitutes in Nevada wanted out of this occupation which more often than not, society has forced them into. There are, of course, many adult hardships that might bring one to a point of prostitution, but generally these souls have been brought to their state by abuse in their younger years. The state sanctioning of prostitution is nothing less than legalized rape, which encourages more rape and molestation in a never ending
cycle of abuse.