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  With the passing of Arizona’s “Women’s Health and Safety Act”, it becomes painfully obvious how little women are respected by politicians everywhere.
  By declaring a woman pregnant before conception,  they are hoping to reduce the number of abortions performed.   There are practical and logical issues with this piece of insanity.
   Practically,  since many diseases are untestable before the twenty week mark,  women will be forced to carry children to term that will only survive a few months or years. This will also increase the numbers of dangerous alley abortions.
Yes,  most pregnancies are the result of consensual sex; yet, this law imposes on the liberties of all pregnancies,  especially rape victims.  Under this law, rapists would still perform sexual assault; but, they can’t be held accountable for fatherhood as the woman was already legally pregnant.
  Following the logic even further,  every menstruating virgin girl becomes pregnant near twelve times a year.  There are innumerable Virgin Marys in Arizona now, thank God.  Also,  it follows that out of wedlock pregnancies are also on the rise. Couples that conceive in Arizona on their wedding night automatically have bastard children.  Is that what these faitheists want? They strip the rights of innocent women and in the process soil their most holy of unions,  marriage!
  Technically,  if females can be declared pregnant before sex, then since her eggs exist at birth, women are born pregnant and lose a thousand pregnancies a month after puberty starts. If the same logic were applied to men,  then we’d have to call the testes “abortion factories” on a scale that dwarfs anything done intentionally worldwide.
  It becomes obvious that the state needs to retract these restrictions on women and back away from infringing on the liberties for all.