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I was further thinking about the “Women’s Health and Safety Act” just passed in Arizona,  and thought I’d share a few.

To restate,  this law considers pregnancy as occurring two weeks before conception in an attempt to cut back on abortions within the 20 week time frame.  By moving the timeline,  there are more unwed pregnancies by legal definition.

From a Biblical standpoint, it can be argued fairly well that human life begins at the first breath.  The soul can exist without the birth… and if life isn’t started,  guilt for murder can not be claimed.

Not only does this force women to carry diseased children to term and threaten their lives, it causes a trickling down burden to the stated society in the form of trauma and social benefits.

What really takes the cake though is that this law breaks the law of causality.   The effect legally preceeds the cause.  Think about that for a moment … Quite illogical isn’t it?   This could make all sorts of things possible.   By this precedent, women could collect life insurance early before their husband’s death.  College degrees can be given before the requirements are met.  Students can perform brain surgery before being licensed. Drivers can be jailed before taking a drink…etc..

And thus we come to the grand finale,  The Prime Mover. This is,  of course,  the philosophical argument that everything needs a first cause and theists define this first cause as God. By legally kicking effect before cause,  these politicians, in the name of their God,  haved destroyed one of their favorite “proofs” of God.

Obviously,  this also voids the “Watchmaker” argument as well, since the watch can exist before the watchmaker.

This kind of legislation trumps out the idiots in Indiana who almost set the mathematical value of PI to 4. And we wonder why the world is so screwed up?  One has to watch out for those do-gooders, who are also know-betters, who would force their imaginations on others by the gun that is always present in the room, though sometimes invisible.