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We’ve all driven by the guy in the red sports car with the flashing lights behind him.  We’ve seen his new friend wielding the taxing pen and paper, or his flashlight peering into the dark interior.  Let’s face it, we’ve all thought at one time or another, “Better him than me.” Multiple times.

In the view of the gun, most of us will back down, and respect his authority.  Is the man worthy of respect?  I fear not.  The way we look at the police officer is entirely different that the respected looks we give our firefighters or other first responders.  We like to pretend it isn’t there, but it’s unavoidable.  The man carries a gun with him everywhere.  He parades with it, he brandishes it as he directs traffic, he fondles it while talking to children, and he points it at you while getting you to pull your car over.  Make no mistake, it isn’t the badge that makes people act that way, it is the gun.

Does he perform useful services to people? Absolutely.  What is the cost?  He is more than just a goon hired to help old ladies walk across the street and direct traffic around an accident.  He is a hired gun on the lowest tier of executive authority.  His main purpose isn’t to protect the peace and make sure everyone plays nicely.  His purpose is to be the face of authority, to remind us POLITELY that they are the ones in charge, and if necessary, not so politely.  His pay is extorted from us by the threat of violence, prison, and death.

I don’t care how nice of a smile he puts on.  He is little more than a hall monitor with a gun.  He hasn’t learned the high step march or high handed salute, but he is a civil stormtrooper.  He arrests victimless criminals, jails them, and demands more funds for doing so.  His duties are a microcosm of the state at large, and it is certain that his legal status and authority will grow.

It is often said, that only death and taxes are certain.  His is the face of taxes backed by threatened death.  Death remains certain, at least for now.  Taxes, we can all live without.  In fact, we can all live better without them ( except of course for the thieves feeding off of our lives ).  A peace keeper can not call himself such if he supports himself with the theft, murder, and rape of his state proclaimed area of protection.  He might not actually do any of those things himself, but neither does the Mafia Don.

We don’t know all the steps to reach a peaceful, stateless society.  We do know that it will never be accomplished as long as anyone believes they have a right to anything of your life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness and flaunts it by waving the big stick of statehood.