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“In the beginning, the universe was created. This has made a lot of people angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.”

-Douglas Adams

Sometimes, people will step outside of their box, and surprise the hell out of you. This time, it was my wife, January. What did she do? She, “OMG”, picked up a hitchhiker, with our two and a half year old daughter in the car to boot!

A few weeks ago, I was at work, and she had sent me a text asking if I could come and rescue her. Evidently the “Low Fuel” light inthe Mustang didn’t come on, and she ran out of gas about three miles from town, and about nine from where I work.

I snagged a can, put some go juice in it, and headed out. Just before I got to where she was, I passed a fellow striding along with a pack and a mat.

We put the gas in the car, and he went by us, saying “Hello”, not even thinking about asking the obvious question. Before I left to return to work, I told her that he would be okay to pickup as he probably was going to the town she just left. I went to work, not worried in the least, even though her phone had started to misbehave rather badly. I got the whole story later.

His name was Frank, and he was on his way back to Indianapolis where he lived. His mother had died about a month back, and his sister, with power of attorney and no will, kept the sixty-eight grand in assets. One brother of his suicided a few weeks after Mom died. He apparently hitched all the time, but had gotten to where he never asked. He went to help his other brother with something in Rockville. After there a few days and brother doing naught but drink and couch set, he got fed up and started back to Indianapolis to clean up his dead brother’s place.

My wife didn’t just take him back to our town. She stopped and got gas, and then took him the other direction, an half-hour down the road to Brownsburg.

How did I ultimately know that this guy was going to be fine getting into a car with my wife and daughter? He was a man with a mission on getting somewhere. I don’t think I even got a good look at his face as he passed us walking. He didn’t turn his head to say hello either. He walked by courteously, said hello, continuing on his mission of emotional cleanup.

There is always a story to be heard. No one cares to listen much anymore. People like to claim to help the poor and needy, but rarely they step up to the plate of brotherhood. This man, while having some needs, kept his chin up in those troublesome days, and while not refusing to accept assistance, he wasn’t going to ask for it either. This land needs more people like this. People like him, and those willing to only reach out but a little.

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