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The sheep astray were tethered on the isle,
Four score were gathered,  tested by anthrax.
They, after bombs exploded,  died awhile –
Mistaken reasonings to stay the pax.
Near fifty years did pass before secured
By scientists who worked at Porter Down,
The spore infested dirt by Dark procured,
And stated, “It is finished!” by the crown.
Yet, just because these sheep were legged four,
Does not absolve them of their heinous wrong.
They valued status over others more,
Except to gather singing Vic’try’s Song.
The head of state beguilted many things
by His divine erected slaughterings.

It was on April 24th, 1990, that Guinard Island, off the coast of Scotland, was declared safe again.  It had been used for anthrax testing on a population of sheep forty-eight years prior.