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   Erected high on sun white sand
   Are fantastic golden castles
   Made to order by dreaming architects.
   Now we shall dance together
      Twirling,     Spinning,
      Laughing       giddily
   On our glassy ballroom floor
   In our fantastic sand castle
   Dancing so light
          with     flight and merrily
   That no grains are displaced.
   Soon, our quartz chandelier will be afire
   As we promenade down the aisle
   Hand in tender hand joined fore’er
   In our own dreamland castle.
   The fickleness of fate may bear us
   An eroded and forgotten sand castle
   Leaving us beached, destitute, and bare.
   But we will still have each other
   And we will hook our elbows
                  in love
                  and waltz.