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Just a few weeks ago, Christine Frazer and her family of four generations were forcefully evicted from their home in an Atlanta suburb at 3am by a dozen squad cars and dozens of law enforcement officers.
Why was so much overwhelming force needed to do this, and why under cover of darkness? The reason given was that supposedly some nonviolent protestors from Occupy Atlanta were also present.
It is bad enough that people get evicted from a housing system intended to steal wealth from people. We, the people, are only modern feudal serfs who have property by the “graciously dear lords” of state. Property rights are non-existant, and we are taxed directly and indirectly for more than half of our income.
It surprises me that noone in that family was killed by over two dozen power-glazed toys, or that the three year old grandson or eighty-five year old mother weren’t tazed for moving too slowly that early in the morning. I’d move fast too if all those guns were aimed my direction.
Power corrupts, and there was absolutely corrupt power showed with that display of force. While the police pretend to keep the peace, they are actually encouraging unrest and militancy by their presence. The Occupy movement is a peaceful one, and the “law” continues to show up in full military gear. Sooner or later, likely sooner, some trigger finger that has been itching for a long time is going to cut loose on peaceful protestors, and the blood will flow one way down the streets, and perhaps then the rest of the nation will wake to the slavery they’ve been trained not to see.
Vampires can not feed themselves if their only source of life-blood removes itself from the herd mentality. Nonviolence through noncompliance can bring down the evils of statehood, if enough truly value the lives of themselves, their spouses, their children, and their fellow man. Until then, man is doomed to one bloody regime of organized criminals after another and one miserable, eternal slavery.