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  I keep driving by the New Hope Christian Church and reading their sign, which reads: “One Nation Under God and Protected By Our Military”.  The irony contained in that statement amuses me immensely.  If this is a nation truly under God, then we would need only a few more than Gideon’s 300 men. We wouldn’t likely need any, if we actually believe the story of Shadrach,Meshach, and Abednego.  Their faith stood up to the leader of the world and needed no further defense of their own making.

It saddens me as well, as the military of the United States isn’t in the protection business, despite contrary claims.  Protection isn’t about having soldiers operate in the lands of all other nations.  Protection and peace aren’t about bringing war and democracy anywhere resources can be stolen and exploited.

  America is a young enough nation that it should remember the meaning of the global troops, especially since it was on the other end of it.  Just as America was under the heel of the British Empire,  so much of the world today is under the heel of the United States and its ‘democracy’.  It is this democracy that is crushing all life on earth.   It squanders every resource it can get its grubby hands on, especially the people it is supposed to protect.

  America, do you see the bread lines of the poor forming?   Just because checks are mailed, it doesn’t mean the poor aren’t there.  There are poor in the streets,  there are poor in the homes, there are poor scrounging to get by,  and there are poor aiming to get that free check.

  America,  do you hear the roar of the crowd?  The circuses and all the other distractions are meant to keep things as peaceful as long as possible.

  America,  do you hear the stomp of the soldier?   No, we don’t,  because the soldier isn’t home.  He is off playing Empire.   When you hear the boots fall here again, it will bring the end of this empire.  

  Things here are close to the state Rome was in as it fell headlong into oblivion.   Begging for bread, cheering the circus, and decorating the soldier are not the ways out of empire.  Wake up, America.

Wake up!

Please,  Wake Up!