I’d say this is why they didn’t put a man on the moon, but it wouldn’t be true. Things are this bad or worse on thus side of the pond too.


The organisation LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) has carried out a survey on the awareness of food in British 16-23 year olds and the results are truly scary.

2% thought butter came from chickens. Even when shown pictures a further 24% didn’t know.

1% thought milk came from pigs. Almost 40% didn’t know it came from dairy cows and a further 14% had no idea.

67% knew eggs came from chickens, which considering the above, is rather good, but sort of coundtered by the 12% who thought they are laid by wheat, maize or oats.

35% didn’t know bacon came from pigs, and 8% think it comes from wheat.

20% believe jam and marmalade come from cereals.

Only half knew that steak came from beef cattle, with 12% thinking it came from wheat or maize.

10% thought potatoes took only a month to grow, which I think is really asking…

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