An excellent post about the most holy of documents …. The US Constitution. Freedom isn’t about setting boundaries.

The Constitution of the United States of America has been the written document that the vast majority of people in both the ‘freedom movement’ and the ‘truth movement’ in the United States have referred to when advocating a better society. Whilst attempts to limit government through such a document were admirable (although it is ultimately a document which supports heteronomy) when it was first written, the clear failure of the constitution – and ‘the people’ themselves to uphold the values outlined in it – is glaring. Still, people hold onto that document as if it is a proven, trusty defence against all forms of tyranny. I argue that ‘constitutionalism’ has, rather than defending individuals from the might of the state, actually enabled their usurpation.

Amongst those who consider themselves to be ‘constitutionalists’,  there seems to be a great multi-personality cult surrounding ‘the founders’ of the United States. These individuals hold…

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