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People are always saying,  “God bless the U.S.A.”  It is like a magical mantra that is supposed to make everything better.  Sometimes,  they like to throw their magic  symbol in as well: “God bless the Red, the White,  and the Blue”.

Why should God bless the USA?  Is this country any better than any other country in the world?   When one looks at the figures,  the U.S. doesn’t seem blessed when it comes to things like life expectancy,  taxes, suicide, or limited government. Perhaps God has forgotten the Promised Land. The Old and the New Promised Lands remain in conflict with deceit on all sides.

Perhaps God doesn’t realize the large number people choosing not to believe in ghosts.   Perhaps God fails to see that the only thing gurgling down the drain faster than this country’s  prosperity is its freedoms.

Why should God bless the Red, the defilers of the body?  Near every drop of blood shed by Americans have been shed, not for peace and freedom as they’d like to think, but for empire and oppression of those far and near.  Do we forget that Germans who disagreed with Adolph’s policies still generally supported and applauded their troops?   They had fathers, sons,  and brothers to call heroes in the name of Empire, just as we.

Why should God bless the White,  the defilers of mind?   The politicians and priests of this nation never fail to steer the populace to this or the other side of the pasture.   The politicians hand out the lefts and the rights, the liberal and the conservative,  the ‘this’ and the ‘not this’. They define the political cage for all but the masters to live in.  The priests also hand out two sides: the good and evil, the right and wrong,  the guilt and forgiveness; and by the definition of morality, they profit from both sides.

Why should God bless the Blue, the defilers of spirit?  The everyday enforcers crush the spirits and the hopes of all.  There are few places one can go without their thefts and prohibitions on the lives of others.

The people of this nation love to think that freedom is available in this society.  Those who can look past the imaginary tyranny of good and evil and can see through the fine, but ever thickening, bars of our imprisonment are those who know that a better world can exist,  a world of life,  liberty,  and happiness.