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The Ship of Death
by D.H. Lawrence

Have you built your ship of death, o have you?
O build your ship of death, for you will need it.

Now, in the twilight, sit by the invisible sea of peace,
And build your little ship of death,

That will carry the soul on its last journey,
On and on, so still, so beautiful, over the last of seas.

When the day comes that will come,
O think of it in the twilight peacefully,

The last day and the setting forth on the longest journey
Over the hidden sea to the last wonder of oblivion.

Oblivion, the last wonder,
When we have trusted ourselves entirely to the unknown

And are taken up, out of our little ships of death,
Into pure oblivion.

O build your ship of death, be building it now,
With dim, calm thoughts and quiet hands

Putting its timbers together in the dusk,
Rigging its mast with the silent invisible sail

That will spread in death,
To the breeze of the kindness of the cosmos,

That will waft the little ship with its soul
To the wonder goal.

Ah, if you want to live in peace on the face of the earth,
Then build your ship of death

In readiness for the longest journey
Over the last of seas.