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Faith – It can be defined as a belief in something for which there is no evidence.   This is most often applied to religious beliefs, for the most obvious of reasons.  People have faith just as strong  in other make-believe social structures, especially when it comes to the mythical beast of government.

Americans have this horrible tendency to stand firm in faith,  no matter what faith it may be.  We are an exceedingly stubborn group of people.   It takes extreme pressure,  backed by solid evidence to get many to consider the possibility they are wrong.

Americans stand firm in the faith that there is a god.  This is despite the fact that their particular flavor of faith is often chosen for them by familial and geographic accident.

Americans stand firm in the faith that they are the most educated of peoples.   Our insistence of isolation from the world’s affairs have left this nation with little but the cliffs of drug-indiced insanity and the tidal shoring of ignorance.

Americans stand firm in the faith that we are the wealthiest of nations,  despite the debts that make the Grand Canyon look like a stagnant puddle.   The poor of this nation grow as fast as the US dollar devalues.

Americans stand firm in the faith that life here is good, and always will be.  One day, there will little bread, as the manna of government assistance evaporates in the fallout of a failing government.   One day, the carousel and the circuses will stop. Will those, who only survive for the show, survive when the show becomes real for the time?

Americans stand firm in the faith that their sons and daughters defend freedom.   They have forgotten that defenders stay at home.  They forget that they are now sacrificing their children to the false gods of the state – these golden calves of the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Americans stand firm in the faith that society can’t exist without government.   Things have always been done this way, they say.  It doesn’t make it the right way, or even the best way.  That attitude would have us using oil lamps for light and leeches for health.

  Americans stand firm in the faith that by raising the eagle standards of empire that they show their love of freedom.  Even now, this evening,  Americans prepare for yearly ritual observances of their faith.  The “holy” communion of fireworks,  flag waving, and pledges of allegiance bring these faithful Americans to the altar of blind obedience, life enslavement,  and child sacrifice.

It is time for Americans to remove the blood-tainted spectacle of government. It is time for men to choose to see the world in fact, not faith. It is time for men to understand freedom and reach for that more perfect world. It is time to put our hands to the task and create an Eden that is worthy of all we can become.