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For a long stretch in my life, I subscribed to all sorts of crazy theories (glad my feet are grounded now).  I suppose it was partly due to having an active imagination and partly by being raised to believe in religious phantasms.  Hell, I even went to Canada for a bit with members of my local cult, whilst thinking there was going to be a terrorist attack ( believing a fool named Larry Wayne Harris) .  That, obviously, didn’t happen.  Around that time, I started looking more seriously at the facts of things,  leading ultimately to my current skeptical atheist nature (Hurrah!).

According to a study done in Janua
ry by National Geographic,  over a quarter of Americans (27%) believe some of the craziness concerning the reset of the Mayan calendar in December.   The are even emergency rations for sale in the department stores.

One fool can’t do too much damage to society.   A group of fools soon reach critical mass and can affect all of society with their zombie thinking.  They become their own self-fulfilling prophecy.

So when these people,  being led by their snouts to buy all the food they can for an imaginary (I’d say manufactured) disaster,  I can see a solid chance that the grocery shelves will become empty.  As they buy, things can domino into others doing the same.  Stores may find themselves entirely stripped of food.  The just in time delivery of the food chain will not be able to keep up.  Therefore, shelves may stand empty for an extended time.

When we went through that mild winter,  I wondered how hot this summer would be.  Now, feeling the desert heat drip out of every pore, I imagine that this will throw more momentum into the Mayan folly.  There must be climate change if the world is ending,  right?

Because corn doesn’t pollinate in this heat, food and fuel (ethanol)  prices will be up this winter.  If fools are emptying the shelves, this will only escalate the problem.

A zombie apocalypse may be in the making.   The brainless ones won’t be after your brains (let’s hope).  They’ll be after your food, your water,  your drugs,  and your family.   Like in the movie, “Shaun of the Dead”, make sure you have a fair sized record album to keep them at bay.