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This world we live in is too crowded with the real people on the streets to be overly concerned with imaginary friends. Kids stop pretending in many of their invisible friends as they grow up (the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus). How much better would life on earth be if everyone’s invisible friends would just disappear entirely?

Take the biggest invisible friend imaginable, God. How many deaths are attributable to the belief in deities? War after war, murder after murder, will it ever stop? The belief in the highest power having the highest morality inevitably leads to the most depraved behavior. Look at all the bloodshed sanctioned by Jehovah in the Old Testament. Don’t forget the stoning of children who chose to think for themselves, or the God sanctioned marriage of a rape victim to her rapist. This is what goes for morality in a heavy handed male-dominated theocratic society.

Or, we could take the second biggest imaginary friend, government. Yes, government is imaginary. There is no such thing, only people. People who have assumed or imagine themselves to have been given absolute authority over the lives of their neighbors. These people believe that it is morally acceptable to force their will on others, much as Jehovah forced his will on Pharaoh to continue to show his power by the murder of first-born males.

Since government is merely composed of individuals who have agreed to pretend in the charade of control, all it takes to rid ourselves of the state, is for people to wake up to the shell game of power and take responsibility for their own actions.

Let’s not forget the imaginary love-child of God and Government – Rights. Yes, what you consider your rights are completely imaginary. If Government and God are imagined, where can the idea of rights come from, since the concept can only come from some higher authority? The notion of rights leads people to think they are owed something by the society and world around them, and down the path to oppression we go.

The loss of our imaginary rights in no way disposes of morality. Good (and evil) can exist without rights, god, or government. What we are left with are choices. Choices, my friends, are what we all must make. We can’t concede the power of choice, as the abdication of choice is a choice in itself.

We can choose to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. We can also choose the easy way out and pursue the opposites, death, submission, and misery. My brothers of mind and sisters in spirit, what choices will you make? Will you stoop and serve or will you stand and think? Will you further burden yourselves or will you cast off your bonds? Will you live as a beast in the field or will you live and die as men?

The choice is yours.