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Very few men can actually say that they live a free life. Nearly the only ones who can make that claim are those that attempt to live freely at the edges of this society of slavery, or those that live atop this grandest of pyramid schemes. The Pharaohs of old still build their monuments today. The building blocks are no longer of sandstone, but of every material and of every man, woman, and child. The one thing that hasn’t changed is that they build themselves above the masses by the once blatant, but now more gossamer threads that most refuse to see.

Our bodies have been sold into this modern slavery. We toil for our lives in the pretense of liberty; but, ultimately, we have become slaves of this machine. We have been chained to it by the bold lie of democracy; and, as of old, we are bound to it by the ties of family and sociability. And yes, our parents have unwittingly sold us into this bondage. To break these physical binding of slavery is quite difficult; and yet, there is a more difficult battle to be won.

That battle is the one being waged for your mind. The absolutely best slave is the one who believes he is free. Most go through life believing the stories they’ve been told. If we were free, we would not have to hear the propaganda on a near daily basis. This is why our children are herded into the public education system. This is why the national faith (were it not so!) encourages the submission to the “powers that be”. These powers that steal from the would be free Peter to aid the collective Paul.

It is bad enough that our bodies are used to lubricate the wheels of slavery. Let us not use up our minds by improving upon the machine so efficiently grinding up our lives and loves into dusty servitude. Let us remove our minds from their equation, and add them to a mental strike. Let our minds be on strike, so that the state will eventually fail, as it slows by its terrible inefficiency and collapses under its own weight as an obese elephant being carried by a pale and sickly mule.