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The Swimmer by Robert Francis

Observer how he negotiates his way
With trust and the least violence, making
The stranger friend, the enemy ally.
The depth that could destroy him gently supports him.
With water he defends himself from water.
Danger he leans on, rests in. The drowning sea
Is all he has between himself and drowning.

What lover ever lay more mutually
With his beloved, his always-reaching arms
Stroking in smooth and powerful caresses?
Some drown in love as dark water, and some
By love are strongly held as the green sea
Now holds the swimmer. Indolently he turns
To float – the swimmer floats, the lover sleeps.

[I just came across this poet, who was called by Robert Frost as America’s “best neglected poet”. After reading a few of his poems, I’m inclined to agree with Frost.]