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Such busy little creatures – ants
which scurry round the mound in dance,
in worlds of capillary form
and from a single mother born.

Zoom out from dirt in crusted piles
and see the farms for miles and miles
with man and beast that toil as one
to live their days under the sun.

Zoom out from fields in neat array
and enter cities’ crowded day.
The toil and play are never done.
What one man’s lost, another’s won.

Zoom out from man’s incessant strife,
Behold – the sphere that teems with life!
To zoom out once again, we’d find
expansive space, with scarce to mind.

And to this image, fix a spark,
retrace our steps, now let’s embark!
The Earth with new electric form.
All life is now reflashed, reborn.

Zoom back into the city view
and watch the frightful lightnings spew
emotions’ charges, good and glad,
the hate and fears, revolting bad.

Zoom back to the pastoral dream,
regard that life’s auroral stream.
The ebb and flow, this living space,
spreads warmth to all, and all in peace.

Zoom back to the electric hive
and feel electrons jig and jive.
If we direct the current flow,
the world will follow what we know.