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I thought I’d share a couple of not so unrelated facts.

First of all, the Social Security Agency (SSA) has just put in a requisition for some ammunition, some 174,000 357 hollow point rounds of it. Seems like overkill.  They have near three hundred special agents who are full law enforcement to receive these rounds.

One could say this is merely for target practice. That’s quite possible.   The other possibility is that, in the future, the offices will need to beef up their security.

In downtown Leesburg, Florida, on January 4th of this year, the SSA office was surrounded by Homeland Security agents conducting a drill.  They posted guard,  checked IDs of people entering, mostly got in the way of handing out all that free money.  Need anyone say, “Papers,  please”?

The other item of note is that George Soros,  worth over seven billion and called the man who broke the Bank of England,  in his last filings with the SEC,  put his money where his mouth is.  At the turn of the year, he stated that our current financial system is on the way out.  His records show that he no longer holds any of the major financials, and that he bought 130 million worth of gold on the Exchange Traded Fund, or ETF.

Either he is attempting to steer the world markets – unlikely,  or he is getting ready to make a heap of wealth in a near future run on gold, called by him, “the ultimate bubble “.

Totally unrelated?  I don’t think so. The signs of overwhelming change are everywhere if one but looks.   Too many Americans are still clutching at the dreams that once night have been. However,  the nightmarish roller coaster of collapse is just a few clicks away before the ride that determines humanity’s fate begins.