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[ Reader Discretion Advised ]

I kissed the devil once, then,
once more. Her lips
the cool refreshing mint
only Hell delivers before
becoming the sticks of cinnamon,
so fiery even the silent
ferry cries out.

At first, I mistook him
for a muse. I asked,
“Can you give me inspiration?”
The soundless chuckle, wink,
and wicked smile promised the tales
of a sleepless night.

She was a virtuoso
dancing in my limbs.
My world spinning,
without, within.
“Are you satisfied? Inspired?”
breathed her gruff voice.
“Never! More!” I cried.

She morphed into my second fate,
breasts full, heaving,
lips on fire, insatiable.
We were one, then two, and one again.
Bodies fused and confused.
The tongue of Athena,
spearing, piercing,
aching, glowing,
throbbing exhaustion.

“Have you now felt the point
of my inspiration, mortal?”
“From you, I have only felt the white pebble
tiny ripples in the well of my soul.
Have you, for once,
then, nothing else?”

“Curse you!” He cried and melted
into my final fate,
the old, toothless hag,
one breast malignant,
partially obscured
by gray strips, the other
sagging , begging ignorance
her hair only half
covering the scabs
of parasites.

She bound my wrists,
my ankles coarsely
in sulfur blackened leather,
casting irons on my neck,
purified by souls
previously tortured.

The whip did not flinch
as flesh tears away.
Blood dripping, boiling.
Moments of clarity
blurring the whip
into barbed tail,
poisoned with envy,
hate, and violence
and her ugly palms
to his triune fork
flaying my side.

“Are you willing now,
for my inspiration?
Are you ready to
sign the deal?”
I turn to see her
brandishing a knife
with my life easing
down the blade.

I blinked pain away
bringing the salty sting.
“You have no exit clause,
no way out either,
you can sign the inspiration
deal with this
blade in your blood;
or, I’ll finish you
with it
now, and slowly,
immediate and forever.”

I staggered to my feet,
stood straight,
squared shoulders.
“Listen, Bitch,
you have no knife,
(my bonds disappearing),
the knife is mine
(and it was),
And I, I will use
the knife