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“Vote Freedom First”, sounds like a great political slogan. However, if one gives it a bit of thought, one will realize that it only means to sound like a great idea.

Freedom first – I have zero difficulty with this. Having freedom as the first priority brings about a number of benefits. Humane treatment of others is one; great parenting (read non-violent) is another.

The problem is when one attempts to combine this with the word “vote”. What does it mean to vote? In this political context, when one votes, one isn’t only subjecting one’s opinions and morality to the majority, one is also supporting the enforcement of that majority rule over all parties involved, willing or otherwise. If one has voted and made his voice known, and then disagrees strongly with the decision, must he abide by it? One could argue from a contractual standpoint one is legally bound in this case. I’ll grant one that point. There is a problem, and the problem lies in that all parties involved did not agree to the contract. New voters are granted permission to cast their vote everyday. They didn’t contract for any of the previous oppressive legislation being thrust on them. If a young man chooses not to register for the draft – complete and utter forced servitude, he risks imprisonment. So much for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

That things have always been this way is no argument, whatsoever. For thousands of years, slavery was common and considered the right thing for society, even by those who said they believed in liberty and the gods of freedom. Those circumstances didn’t make the ownership over another man morally right. People changed and regarded ( finally! ) slavery as the evil it was. Government did not rid man of slavery. Men’s attitudes rid mankind of slavery.

Ultimately, voting allows one to feel he has done his civil duty to his fellow men. The voter has given up his responsibility on morality and dealings with other men. He is blameless before the law as he has subjugated himself to the state which takes on a life of its own. The state must enforce its laws; therefore, the tasks of statehood in enforcement result in the theft and murder of even the voter who bowed their power of choice to this anonymous devouring beast.

Freedom is not something that can be legislated, judicated, or enforced, despite what patriots, such as those in the Tea Party, like to pretend. Freedom can only exist outside of the realm of government. The rape, theft and murder of the voters (or not) only serves to feed this ravenous beast.

There is a new world that we can live in. We can’t enter this world of freedom by the laying down of arms, or by the taking up of them. We must lay down our votes, and take responsibility for our actions. The oppressions by government are evil, regardless. Take a true stand for freedom and lay down your votes. When the votes fail, so does the government and its corrupting influence over the world of men.