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Breaking the surface,
tension slipping through
the water,  canoe pointed
serenely ahead
towards the shallows,
around the bend
of the perfect

Raking the canoe,
rustling gravel,
Goods offloaded & home assembled
for an ideal day.
Beef, beans, and beer, before
coffee and crossword,
crickets timing the sparks
and cracks,
the fire sorting
into a (rem)embered sleep.

Daybreak,  coffee and crumb-cake
with a side of Scrabble words,
Packing,  stowing,
Nirvana  flowing.

Moderate sun, cool breeze,
Breaking the surface,
tension slipping through
the water, canoe pointed
serenely ahead, déjà vu,
shallows around the bend,
the perfect campsite, again
with a new puzzle
to solve in quiet solitude. 

Footnote:  My father has had this as a reoccurring dream for years.  To him, it would be the perfect afterlife.

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