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Tonight at dVersePoets, we have been encouraged to write in a particular welsh form (of which there are variants). For further explanation, refer to Wikipedia.

I wrote three of these difficult little things ages ago, and figured I’d post them. In the third note to keep in spirit with the subject matter, I reversed the consonant string alliteration..

Kiss Spontaneous

Were we our love to define, lust is lost.
Let us last, kiss me fine.
Praise me, press my mouth on thine.
Bouquets bequeath, be thou mine!

Pacific Innocence

O my friend fair needs to be in embrace.
My brave heart! Love, hear me:
“Let us sit on sand and see
Love let run to eternity.”


Gasp! It rips. spirit breaking – He curses,
As she cries with shaking.
Scrapes scar much stomach kicking,
Wombs of women whimpering.