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(note: this is the second dream I had years ago that I grouped with two others…anything bothersome here should cause one to reference the first dream….and, after all, it was only a dream..Dream 1)

He fell from the sky
into the lake.

We saw him fall,
we weren’t terribly concerned.
My friend drove, with his woman
beside, and myself behind her.

We drove to the lake,
then onto the water,
the tires spinning,
to retrieve our friend.

He was swimming
leisurely, naked,
on his back,
hands under his head,
kicking his legs as a frog.

Our car, without transition,
had become bus-like,
and our friend boarded
at the back,
ascending the aisle,
water dripping
off his golden skin
as an heir of Olympus,
fresh from a summer’s feast.

This male perfection of beauty
seated across from me.
He turned,
his locks of hair still wet,
more crown than gold,
to ask with his glance,
“Are you, now, mine? ”

Even dreamward,
this caused queasiness.
I turned aside, and behind,
to the eight year old girl,
who wasn’t there before
and mirrored that visage.
“I don’t think so,”
she responded,
but then,
with the mischievous wisdom
of our timeless past and our
millennia to come.
“At least, not yet.”