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First of all, my heartfelt thoughts to the families of those involved in the unfortunate disaster in Connecticut.

It has galvanized people on both sides of the gun-control issue. The removal (at gunpoint) of firearms doesn’t solve the problem, as criminals (especially those of organized crime/government) will still have the guns to oppress the peaceful, who should be able to defend themselves by any means necessary.

The real issue here, isn’t too much gun-control or the lack of it.  It is much more basic: America is a country born and bred, from and for violence. We send a never-ending imperial force to the world at large. We frown on those who don’t “support our troops”. We mourn the fallen soldier who hasn’t protected anyone here, but rather has taken bloodshed to the militant and civilian populations world-wide with its near 900 bases in 130 countries.

Five children a day are murdered by their parents a day in the States. This amounts to just four days of death handed by parents to their children.

Yet, this pales to the death exported by this country and its companion the UN with its ruling elite. In 2000, a senior UN official stated that the sanctions imposed on Iraq killed a half million children under five years of age in just ten years. A UNICEF survey at the same time said that thousands were killed every month. Where was the public outrage then? We didn’t see it because it wasn’t our children, because they are on the other side of the world, and because none concern themselves with the patriotic slaughter of innocents so far removed. This psychopathic nation continues to ignore all the death it causes.

We have raised our children for far too long in this culture of war and oppression. Until we begin treating our children as well as we pretend we do, these atrocities will never end, but increase as the fruit of violence is more violence. We need our children to stop being the domesticated beasts of state and become masters of themselves. Only then will freedom ring true within the borders of this land.