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My love, as my eyes can only falter
and trip
over your form nightly
with the sacred ointment of candles.

My hands can only fumble
as they caress
the sable gossamer luxuries
falling about me, undulating
in soft tender mysteries
that bear dreams of children.

My nakedness standing, vulnerable, enfolded,
suffering your frosted kisses
to newly minted goosebumps
at this boundary of forever.

I am blinded by your depths,
my love, my vision clouded
by your milken gaze,
my movements slowed
by your enticing dervish dance.

Always grasping, out of reach!,
my eyes humbled, yet fathom your glories,
my mind seared by your cold distance,
my spirit consumed by your thoughtless stare,
tears burning my face
with a joyful sadness.

My feet remain rooted, alone,
at daybreak,
the terror
of terra firma.

(posted for open link night at DversePoets)