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an elephant and a cat
went to drink
at the Reality Pub.

The elephant made busy eating
fig Newtons and spraying
peanut shells everywhere
until the bar-tend
stopped Hawking his wares
and began Hitchen it
to the Cosmic Jukebox.

The cat half-gorged itself
on the Tyson buffalo wings,
feeling full, then famished
out of existence like the Cheshire,
and back again to another stool.

The nameless men drank
whatever was poured ein stein.
They drank themselves to a Unified stupor.
Silly fools still fell off their stools,
stubbing their T.O.E.s on everything
as they left.

The elephant got stuck in the door
of the Reality Pub,
and the cat…..the cat,
scarcely even noticed
the position or movement
of anything else.