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(a solstice gift for my followers..

since it is a ballad, it can be sung to the tune of Amazing Grace
maybe we can get Professor Dawkins to sing it..)

Amazing world whereon we’re bound
and what a joy to be
and celebrate life’s beauty found
from sky to depths of sea.

And in the twilight of the night
the stars go round about
Auroras’ verdant velvet light
to nestled arms devout.

Do you recall our journey here,
our birth within the stars?
The stardust coalescing near
and lit by solar fires?

The troubled days when life was not,
within a global blaze,
were soothed by comet-waters caught
to wring a steamy haze.

The cooling down did bear a gift,
most marvelous to tell:
improbabilities to sift,
a replicating cell.

And from this one diversified
by generations’ hone:
the fittest of the fit survived
to craft us to this home.

We’re standing at this cusp of time,
a twig on branch of tree;
And though we think our thoughts sublime,
in time, we’ll surely see.

Now if by chance we’ve journeyed far
with thoughts too grand for home
We’ll wander space from star to star,
go past forever’s roam.