One of the funniest and most well pointed (double pun intended) poems I have read.

Fields of Yúan


The Men’s Urinal

Fast food joints offer uniformity:
food, urinals and sacraments
are safely similar in every city.

Confessionals have the same
white sacramental shrine
with a holy blue wafer
perfuming your pissed penance.

The priest, in cold steel
Watches — we know he watches
Peeking behind the shadowed grille
For they know we pee and play nicer
when we are watched.

When I walk away
the chalice is swished clean
preparing for the next penitent
seeking absolution,
knowing that His eye is upon us.

— by Sabio Lantz
January 2013

Prompt: for d’Verse Poets.     Photo: by Sabio Lantz

Process: My son laughed as I snapped this photo on our road trip over New Years. But as I looked at the urinal’s electric eye — this is what I saw and heard in my head. Do you think I need help?

Extra Reading: Does religion make…

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