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( a Piece of Eight )

Avast! To dye my colors true
and ring the bell, well for me sake,
I’m calling liberty to make
me brother’s bring the grimsome hue
To cross the sea, fling white my head
to fiercely fly o’er sting of pain
and see to end enslaving gain
and weigh the anchor free instead.

(please note: This is a firm of my own devising that I call a “Piece of Eight”.  There is more to it than the theme of piracy and freedom. I’m not going to spell it out .  I’ve three of these so far, so stay tuned..as you compare them, the form ought to become clear..feel free to comment on the poem..questions about the form, please email me (myrthryn at gmail.com).  This first one was mainly proof of concept, and while it doesn’t flow as well as I’d like, it surpassed my expectation for the form.)