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(a Piece of Eight poem..compare to the first to find the hidden structure.. included below )

If asked on why I, struggling, write
this piece of gold, hold fast and see
within these words, demand respite
with liberties and regard free
the crossing brand teased line by line,
reprimanding those leisured kept
to stand more true in wild seas’ clime
and leave the admiralty bereft.

( The first one, proof of concept, and a bit rougher..

Nautical Bones

Avast! To dye my colors true
and ring the bell, well for me sake,
I’m calling liberty to make
me brother’s bring the grimsome hue
To cross the sea, fling white my head
to fiercely fly o’er sting of pain
and see to end enslaving gain
and weigh the anchor free instead.)

Also posted for open link night over at DversePoets.