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The woman in a trenchcoat,
one of a thrifty five & tan,
buttoned the full length
of a winter stroll.

The brunette fits the coat,
tall & mid-length,
style with ease
thirty years distant.

Iron-on pony on a black tshirt,
high-stepping on the laptop too.
She but lacks the slippers
to the fantasy full-hoof.

She waives the drink,
begins to lay down the rules
of the internet:
#34 : There is porn of it. No exceptions.
#63 : If there is a male version, there is a female version. No exceptions.
I counter with the sweded
5-minute version
of The Princess Bride.

She’s half my age,
but that doesn’t matter.
It’s all about the conversation,
and yes,
the poetry,
oh the poetry.