An excellent post on the problems with the police and what to replace them with.

The Prime Directive

The police exist in order to protect the rights of citizens from criminals.

Such a statement reflects either ignorance or extreme naivete. Let us be clear that the role of the police in a statist society is not to protect citizens, but to enforce the law. The fact that the police enforces the law is a known fact; that they protect citizens is an article of faith which is not supported by any observation.

There is a gigantic gulf of difference between these two assertions. The law is a product of the power elite and is constructed to serve its interests: by limiting their scope (e.g. the way murder by private individuals is prosecuted v murder by corporate negligeance or by police/military), by redefinition (e.g. taxes are not theft because we say it is, corporations are persons because we say they are), by subsidies and laws which protect corporations from…

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