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The gods were angered once by man
who did not understand their plan;
and so, disasters struck by will
of random gods who’d had their fill.

The child half-grown feared vengeful strike
of god for straying from the right.
The good or evil battles known,
yet still he reapt what he had sown.

The youthful man began to doubt
creation tales, to figure out
the way things worked, and still he thought
that man was King, just as he ought.

The man now grown does comprehend
that nature’s arm can only bend
so far until the balance breaks
and man the gravest mistake makes.

Yet even when man thinks he’s free
to live his own reality,
he’ll learn the beneficial con:
No nail to hang free will upon.

And so we live, our choices made,
continue on or twilight fade?
For does it matter, if no plan?
Continue on, as best we can.