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Mid-dream strangling,
creasing cotton wake,
unpillowed corona,
eclipsing red-tailed suits,
shadows spiraling behind,
Eyes swallow from my feet,
Moonlit face with brimstone meet.

“My Love,” he says, “please make your choice.
My Kingdom waits upon your voice.
Hold out your hand, give me your will,
Desire demand, you’ll have your fill.
And if you’re slaked not by my lust,
my minions fill, with your disgust.
Undying love, Eternal knows,
I’ll bear thee higher than my ho’s.
Remember Love, when all love fails
that Lust remains to whisp your sails
across the pale and stormless sea
into my arms eternally.”

Shut-ups and fingers
ain’t got nothing
to a twelve gauge
between the eyes,
fired with laughter,
fading away

to a peaceful sleep,
for now.