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I can see you going down to death
with all the hope of losing love’s last breath
that parts the meaning to a muddled soul
where pain and blood are cut from severed whole.
If you wish to pierce the ending wound,
Do it quickly. See yourself marooned
as light from life departs unholy crown,
you’ll find that Death will meet you halfway down.

Should you see a way to joyous light,
I’d hope you’ll spread those wings in soaring flight.
As womb through pain gives might to newborn life,
the tomb last gains the weakened man from strife.
The troubled days must break the toughest soil –
Redeem your depths with love’s bejewelled toil.

(note:  There was a musical effect I was attempting to affect here.  To sample it better, I’d suggest vocalizing either stanza repeatedly (the effect in one is the opposite of the other).  After trying to hear it (or if you want to cheat), I was attempting to use the vowel sounds to achieve this effect.  Please comment on how this worked with your reading of the poem)

(note #2: posted for Open Link Night at DversePoets)