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Accidental energies spring
from naught to now here,
flashing vibrations orbiting
the point of zero.

Pulsating expansions slow light
to the things that matter,
self-organizing into new creations.

This separation of energy
from matter allowed
those first thoughts,

And it saw that it was good.

longings for others brought forth
new experiments to life, here, there,
from the darkness.

Creation of multitudes of selves,
Wondrous, Marvelous,
yet, magnificently flawed,
unable to reach out,
communicate with themselves
or with the One that created,
unable to surmount
even self-imposed miseries.

Loneliness, Infinite,
feelings of failure
and guilt for tortured intelligence.

That Day, when the One
weighed itself against suffering,
and found itself wanting,

That Day,
the heavens shook,
the planets rumbled,
and the One began the universal
swallowing of itself,
back to the nothing
from which it came,

the oblivion.

(Note: This is in response to Sabio’s comment  here, and is submitted for open link night at DversePoets)