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Head and aft, words packing meanings lost,
Dead children, dancing, dreaming fast of cost.
Pain to pleasure, discomforting amidst
Rain parting to showering sinful bliss.
Coils tightly bound, loose passions everyday.
Toils joyous, pass the burden away

de’love, evol’ed

Weigh a burden, the past joyous toils
Everyday passions lose, bound tight coils.
Bliss sinful showering to parting rain
Amidst discomforting pleasure to pain.
Cost of fast dreaming, dancing children dead,
lost meanings, packing words, aft and head.

( Going by words, this poem is a palindrome, a tricky prompt over at DversePoets.Ā  The “Volta” or turn at the center is reversed letter for letter, and I kept the entire thing in rhyming couplets to boot. )