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( CNN story : here)

The violation that is rape
should force the jaws of all agape.
Why suffer fools as these to live?
They should be stretched and hung by nape.

Miss Parsons, fifteen, much to give
until was caught in four boy sieve
and used as their degraded tool,
her innocence scarce will to live.

Yet, these weren’t done as hard-up fools,
for bragged they did within the school,
and pictures of that, horridly,
were shown about; they thought them cool.

Those models of authority,
the good and just, RCMP,
excused themselves, “He said, she said.”
Or, “She deserved it.” (privately)

Injustice tightened round her head
until her mirror saw her dead.
These tragedies, these monsters all,
what hero fights when troubles fed?

The faceless men, not bound by wall
of place or name, will heed the call
and honor up when morals fall
to cleanse the path, for better all.


(Note: This young woman was raped by four boys in 2011. After that, she was cyberbullied, and called crude things. Pictures of the deed were even shown about the school. After a year, the police closed the case. She recently hung herself in her bathroom as a result of all this abuse. The group Anonymous picked up on the story, and within two hours had the evidence necessary to convict the culprits. One must ask who the monsters really are…the boys ( certainly ), and also the society created by a monopoly on force ( statism ) which turned a corrupt eye. Certainly here, the hero wears the mask until such injustice is finished. Also, this was submitted for a monster prompt over at DversePoets)