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The wine from human soul
  in chalice, pure of gold,
intoxicates beyond control
  the sheep led to the fold.

The pastured green and sky-blue pure
  have brought us to this land
with painful trials to endure
  to reach the promised brand.

It burns, I know, your doubt away
  with prideful holy cause.
Concerns of life will hold less sway
  by ancient hollowed laws.

Your song shall cease and gods will dance,
  outpouring human swill;
for due the randomness of chance,
  we never had a will.

O love, my love-beat heart was seared
  by raised and righteous brand
that brazed a falseness as I feared
  in love’s bravado land.

Eroded, truths will always tell
  the moral right from wrong.
That river runs from muddled well
  to muffle righteous song.

( submitted for Open Link Night at DversePoets )